Best Cure for Anger is… SWEAT!!

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The romantic birthday surprise for my boyfriend did not happen… again. Whelp…

Anyway. When I got home yesterday, I had every excuse in the book why I didnt want to workout. I gotta clean up, I gotta cook this romantic meal for Tre (my boo), I gotta run his bubble bath, I gotta sprinkle roses everywhere, I gotta prepare the fondue, I gotta… SHUT UP! Something within me said: “Listen boo, you can’t allow a man to fuck up your goals. Don’t let a man be the reason for your downfall… We deserve the life that we are about to earn so don’t stop now, we’re so close!” So I toughed it up and went to work out. 

I was angry yesterday. So I took it to the gym:

– 100 arm pulley thing-a-ma-jigs

– 100 leg presses

– 15 minutes speed walking/jogging combo (treadmill)

– 10 minutes high incline walk (treadmill)


I worked my ass off yesterday and I was so proud.Even had time to snap a quick pic:



I took my weekly progress photo as well yesterday. Judging from my pics last week, I MAY have lost a lil something-something, but its definitely not a dramatic difference, which is okay with me. I’m just trying to keep at it & stay motivated.



Not too shabby huh? I still have a belly and rolls and muffin tops and blah blah blah. I know, I know. SO!

I’ve been using cocoa butter these past 2 weeks to try & get rid of the stretch marks I have around my waist and stomach. Also going to start using cellulite cream for my thighs. 

In other news though, my booty lifter is due to arrive today!! I am SOOO elated! Can’t wait. I will be sure to take pics in it with an over-garment covering my exposed booty cheeks ;-p

When your partner makes you upset, how do you channel your anger? 


I got my mojo back!!

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Where do I begin… Alright. So I have this smoking problem. I love to smoke. Mids, Dro, Purp, Grand Daddy Purp, Kush, whatever. I love that shit. I would spend my money on weed before I spend it on food. Ok, I’m totally lying. But you get the point. I love to smoke. I love the way it makes me feel, I love how creative I am when I smoke it. It makes me fuck better, sing better, cook better. It has been a blessing to my life since I started smoking back in September 2013. Anyway… The reason I brought that up is because Im not sure if it is interfering with my new lifestyle or not. I smoke before I go work out. The way I see it is like this, weed burns calories. It speeds up your metabolism, hence the reason you are so fucken hungry afterwards. But that’s the problem. It makes me EXTREMELY hungry when Im done. So I go in the fridge, come up with some bomb ass shit, but its not healthy. Ughhhh… Im going to get it eventually. Next time I go grocery shopping, I’ll be sure to buy only healthy shit so if it does come to that point again (which it will in approximately like 4 hours) at least I will have something healthy to snack on. Like apples, oranges, grapefruits. Wait… I already have all of that shit in my crib. But i go STRAIGHT for the ice cream and shit. No bueno.


Anyway. Yesterday was a toughie. For breakfast I had straight up junk food. Im talking about vending machine snacks at work when I had perfect good oatmeal waiting on me. I be tripping. But yea. So i had 2 Cinnamon Crumb Cakes, Pepsi and some Hershey’s chocolate. Followed by some chips… Then my 1/2 of chicken wrap. When I got home, I felt like fucken crap. I felt nauseated and everything. Weed nor a black & mild was going to be able to help ease the icky feeling. Then my favorite cousin hit me up. I told her how I was feeling so exhausted lately and that’s probably the reason why I havent been in the mood to exercise or do anything productive. I had no intentions on working out yesterday. I was too busy feeling sorry for my fat ass. Then she texted me: “Get your ass to that gym.” I smiled then got my ass up and went to the gym. Of course it wasnt as simple as that. It was still a struggle. I had to shake off that queasiness and find my damn workout clothes which is a task in itself because after not working out for a whole damn week? Yea. I had no idea where my shit was. Luckily I did find it though… umpteenth minutes later. First I put on my workout pants, then my shoes and socks. The reason I do that is because I work out with shit around my waist so its difficult to put my shoes and shit on after I got all that other shit on. So yea. Next was albolene with saran wrap wrapped around my waist, followed by 3 waist slimming belts. Yes 3. I have a big ass waist and stomach so…. Yea. The little short ass belts I bought from Ross a few weeks ago werent long enough to fit this big ass torso, so I had to improvise. Shirt. Ponytail. Gangsta Music. Lets hit the gym.

I stayed in there for 45 minutes. I did 15 minutes on the treadmill at first. Jogging at 4.0 for 1 minute then speed walking for 2, then repeating until the 15 minutes were completed. Then I dragged my ass to the leg press machine and did 10 minutes on that. The reason I do leg presses is not for my legs, its for my butt. If you press on it with just your heels (toes hanging off or pointing up) it targets your glutes. And as you will notice in the picture below, I NEEDS to target my damn glutes because i have no-ass-at-all. But from the back? That shit is wide, plump & has a crease. But side view? Nah son… Nah…


So I decided since I did so terrible with this week’s weekly photo along with not dieting & exercising properly for almost 2 weeks, geesh, I wanted to switch it up a bit. Instead of that other boring ass outfit I randomly picked out, I decided to choose something a little more revealing to show my flaws, which there is alot of. So here we go…


I put week 3 results because technically, this body is the result from week 3 – a hot ass mess. lol. I fucked up so bad because of my boyfriend and my lack of willpower. Not anymore! I got my mojo back and I’m ready to give these bitches a run for their money! As you can see, it looks like I gained weight… alot. I expected to hit a bump along this lifestyle, but damn… I honestly didnt know it would happen so quickly. And if you’re wondering why I chose this outfit over the last, its because I feel like this is the type of shit I will be wearing once I drop the weight. Hoochie-fied. That’s right. What da prollum?

This morning I woke up 25 minutes earlier than usual (thanks to my cousin) and I worked out my core for 10 minutes then forced myself to drink a glass of cold water with honey & grapefruit in it. Lets just say… Im regretting that damn water. Shit got me feeling nauseous as fuck right now. Tried to smoke a Black & Mild to calm the feeling, and it only made it worse. So all i want to do right now honestly is get something in my stomach that’s going to soak up all of this damn nastiness. Ugh.


But yea…. no more excuses out of me. Just results. I’m trying to get that skinny girl top – thick girl bottom going on (I have big titties so I dont think Im going to get far with that skinny girl top shit – but ya never know!)

Anyway… Thanks for allowing me to rant. Its a weak ass pay day today. Time to hit up my weed man & re-up. #Deuces