Blessing in Disguise

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So I just have to vent a little bit… Jusssst a little.

I decided in November that I was going to relaunch my brand: Edible Romance. In order to do this, I needed something that was going to set me apart from everybody else out here hustling their berries and romance. What can I do?? I got it!! I’m going to make a reading kit! Ok kool. I wrote the erotic short story within a month and got good feedback on it from a few people so I decided to go ahead and set a launch date for this Reading Kit. January 1st 2018. I had 10 pre-orders. I was so happy! This was my first time coming back with my short stories. It had been almost 10 years since I was out there on the streets hustling my stories… And people still remembered me and was waiting for more. This had me excited.

So fast forward to 2 weeks and we’re here. Today. Someone on my facebook page wanted to order some strawberries. They saw this post:


They wanted strawberries without the alcohol, but dipped in white and milk chocolate, and also some of my candy and nut coatings. This was also a rush order because they needed them very quickly. I said kool, a dozen for the quarter and I’ll have them ready in 25 mins.


First of all… I dont like to be rushed. Especially with my business and food. So next time I will allow myself more time as well as charge extra for rush orders. Second of all… When you rush, you miss the small details. I missed a BIG small detail.

For the coatings on the strawberries, she wanted Heath Toffee Bar, Vanilla Crunch Candy and Pecan. I made all of these EXCEPT I misread the Vanilla Crunch Candy and mistaken it for Vanilla Caramel Cashews! Ughhhh… SMH. She didn’t address this error, but I did. Because normally people will almost immediately post pics of my desserts/kits when they receive it. Instead… I saw that she posted on facebook TWO mean emoji faces. I was kinda confused even though the comments weren’t reflected towards my strawberries. I went back and read our conversation about what she wanted and noticed the error. My heart sink… to the bottom of my damn stomach.

I texted her and apologized for the error and ensured her that she would be receiving a fresh batch on the house. Only one problem. She lived almost an hour and some change away and I dont have a whip! So now the only solution I can come up with at this point is shipping. Which I’m fine with I guess… Except I’ve never done it before, however I’ve been curious and anxious to do it for some time now (cold shipping).

Now is the time… Well tomorrow at least. Im going to go to the grocery store tomorrow and pick up some more berries and redip them the way she likes. Then I need to go get 2 ice packs and some insulated bubble wrap. I’ve been watching youtube for a while now on this and I think I may have the method down pack now… I just hope they arrive safely to her without any issues. Already taking a loss with having to ship this for a mistake on my part… But also a blessing in disguise if this actually goes well. Because then I will be able to start shipping to my out of state family/friends/customers too!!

Here’s a photo of more berries I dipped tonight. Since it was a rush order, I didnt get a chance to take a pic of the final product because they were calling me letting me know they were out the door when I was still “plating” my berries.


Strawberries: Milk & White Chocolate, Almond Slices, Heath Toffee Bar, Vanilla Caramel Salted Cashews

But yea. I will write a post tomorrow and take pics of the shipping process. Wish me luck!!


Canopies, Hearts & Stones

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So Valentine’s Day is coming up… Everybody is going to feel some type of way about this day. Its either going to be exciting for them, miserable, bittersweet… Something. But for me. Its going to be lucrative!! Lol I hope… Nah be seriously. I love Valentine’s Day and all, but I definitely dont believe that should be the only day that you show someone that you care. That should be everyday. And at least once a month it should be shown in a dramatic romantic way… That’s just me.

But since everyone doesnt think that way… And they probably will only get romantic this one day out of the whooooollllleeeeee entire year, i thought i’d help the ladies and fellas out this year. No diss to the folks out there hustling their baskets and sweets, but I just wanted to do something more than that because I know I would want more than that. I want something that was carefully and strategically thought of and put together. Something that was made especially for me. And I’m sure there are others who feel the same way… Just me though.

So what I decided to do was put together a few date kits this Valentine’s Day… I have 2 so far that are almost complete and I would like to think of one more. I love to spoil my clients and give them options… So for this one… Its probably my fave…


This is a heart warmer massager. There’s a metal disk in the inside that you flick/flex and it will activate the liquid in the inside, turning it into warm, semi-hot gel and a great massage tool! I received these a few days ago! I cant wait to include these in my Therapeutic Sensual Massage Kit! Its going to be dope!


The kit will also include this beautiful canopy for my clients to hang from their ceiling over their bed! Ughhh… I just love canopies! They’re like rose petals and candles, they just make everything more romantic.

Also in my kit, it will include some massage oil and a few other things I think my clients will need to enjoy a nice romantic, sensual evening. I cant wait to start putting it together and advertising them! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted! Thanks for reading!

ReBranding… Myself & My Business

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Hey what’s up to whoever has been and still is reading!! Happy New Year! So I have so many things to catch you up on… But I don’t know if we gonna get to that tonight though lol.

Ok, so I’m back in the Tampa Bay area now. Things are going great so far. Been back since July… I was in Lee County for about a year and a half… After my dad passed away last year in February, me and my bro got into a bad accident in May and it just pushed me back a little. But I’m back at getting myself and my business together again!

So I started this business called Edible Romance about 2 years ago…

Edible Romance Logo jpeg

I started it because a few years prior, I wrote and published a book called CATER – The Manual. It was a self help book as well as a book filled with romantic tips, gourmet recipes, erotic short stories and more! So yea… I used to always advertise on instagram how women (and men) could do different romantic things for their spouse for the cost of nothing… All you need is a little effort and creativity! So anyway, I thought it would be dope to not only show demonstrations of date set ups, but to also create date kits for people who just didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up something.

I love romance. Everything about it. From the way rose petals look and feel. To the glistening flames from candles lit in a dimly lit room. I love the expressions of people’s faces when they get surprised with a romantic evening. It just makes me feel good.

So yea… I’ve been doing my thing with this for a while now. Even before Edible Romance. I had another company called A Touch of Love. But the name has changed, but the theme remains the same. Creating special memories…

So wanted to share with you all what I’ve kinda been up to… Cool? Coo.


So I’ve been pretty busy! I don’t know… Something in me within these past 2 months has been inspired, motivated and hungry!! I don’t want to settle… I want to live. Through my passion! Which is cooking, romance and catering to others! It just brings me so much joy.


Well I guess that’s all for this post. Catch you on the next one!


Getting Things Back in Order… kinda

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Can’t front, didn’t expect to feel the way I do… Or did at least. Which is feel like I’m taking so many step forward just to keep getting knocked back down on my ass again. I just felt like crap for this past month but im slowly getting back to my old self which is focusing on my business and creating dates.
Have I spoken about my business, Edible Romance?

(I’ll post more info about it in another post or you can check me out by clicking here.)
In the meanfime, I’ve been eating like a fat ass this past month. My job has these donuts… They only come like 2 times a year. And they go fast. So I gotta have my daily serving… I just have to. Its so good. Every. Single. Time. And now they introduced the soft delicious Brookie too??!! Shiiiiit…. Let me just get March over with and I’ll try again in April. Kay? Kay.
So yea, although I haven’t been productive weight loss wise, I HAVE been vlogging and posting videos on YouTube. So if you happen to be bored at work one day and want to check out some of my cooking skills and family vlogs, be sure to check me out and please subscribe at:

Going to try to be more consistent with this. Just sucks when you have so many passions and dreams but doing all the “paperwork” via phone and library computer sessions. But i enjoy it and it keeps me from really really being ratchet out chea in these streets.

But yea… See ya next time!

This is my nephew by the way

Allow me to reintroduce myself…

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Hey there!! Whoever is reading… Anybody? Probaby not… I almost forgot I even had a blog… What has it been like… 2, 3 years now? Man… Where do I begin. Atlanta? My weight loss success/fail story? I dont know… Definitely too much to catch you all up in one post, however i guess you’re wondering if my fat ass ever lost the weight? Well… You tell me…

Sorry, had to upload screenshots from my Instagram account. But yea!! Ya girl shed that weight off!! (The right photo was taken May 2015.)

Almost too much weight lost if you ask me… The right pic was a little too small for my comfort. I looked kinda sick lol

So I’ve been gaining a little cushion back… I would’ve been fine with this size and was in depression so I kept eating… Kept eating… Just kept eating… Eating.. Eating… This was taken some time in spring of 2016.

This is me currently. I’ve gotten kinda big again, especially around the waist; so I’ve been wearing my Keyshia Kaoir waist eraser. It really works! (This was taken yesterday after my dads funeral 😢 )

Since I’ve left Atlanta and came back to Florida, I’ve started to gain.. an ass! It ain’t a ba-dunk-ka-donk *spellcheck* but I’m thankful! Ain’t nothing like going into survival mode then coming back home to stuff your face with some good ol’ down south home cooking… And Lord knows I love to cook but I definitely loves to eat! Mmm!!
In my next post, I’ll share with you guys some of my Atlanta experiences as well my exercise/eating regimen that helped me lose the weight.
Until next time, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll be posting more cooking videos as well as DIY romantic dates, vlogging and more! Hope to see you on the Tube later!

Bye bye for now!! (I’ll explain this outfit in another post ❤)


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Good Morning!!

I know its been a while since I last posted. You’re probably wondering if I’m still continuing my weight loss journey right? Right??? Probably not wondering at all. Oh well.

I stopped my weight loss journey months ago but somehow I have managed to get a little smaller. Maybe its because I… Never mind. That’s not important.

I’m writing today for different reasons… I’m moving to Atlanta in 3 days!!!!! I am super-excited but also a little overwhelmed. I have so much shit to pack man… smh. Just started packing yesterday, my goal is to have everything packed by Friday so I can chill and pamper myself. Let’s see how that goes!!

Also, I have a new YouTube Cooking channel:

My cooking show is called Food Porn with Chef Love. Please be sure to subscribe, rate and comment! There’s delicious cooking tutorials for some of my favorite personal recipes as well as a few laughs and romantic tips as well. I hope you all enjoy.

See ya in Atlanta!!