Blessing in Disguise

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So I just have to vent a little bit… Jusssst a little.

I decided in November that I was going to relaunch my brand: Edible Romance. In order to do this, I needed something that was going to set me apart from everybody else out here hustling their berries and romance. What can I do?? I got it!! I’m going to make a reading kit! Ok kool. I wrote the erotic short story within a month and got good feedback on it from a few people so I decided to go ahead and set a launch date for this Reading Kit. January 1st 2018. I had 10 pre-orders. I was so happy! This was my first time coming back with my short stories. It had been almost 10 years since I was out there on the streets hustling my stories… And people still remembered me and was waiting for more. This had me excited.

So fast forward to 2 weeks and we’re here. Today. Someone on my facebook page wanted to order some strawberries. They saw this post:


They wanted strawberries without the alcohol, but dipped in white and milk chocolate, and also some of my candy and nut coatings. This was also a rush order because they needed them very quickly. I said kool, a dozen for the quarter and I’ll have them ready in 25 mins.


First of all… I dont like to be rushed. Especially with my business and food. So next time I will allow myself more time as well as charge extra for rush orders. Second of all… When you rush, you miss the small details. I missed a BIG small detail.

For the coatings on the strawberries, she wanted Heath Toffee Bar, Vanilla Crunch Candy and Pecan. I made all of these EXCEPT I misread the Vanilla Crunch Candy and mistaken it for Vanilla Caramel Cashews! Ughhhh… SMH. She didn’t address this error, but I did. Because normally people will almost immediately post pics of my desserts/kits when they receive it. Instead… I saw that she posted on facebook TWO mean emoji faces. I was kinda confused even though the comments weren’t reflected towards my strawberries. I went back and read our conversation about what she wanted and noticed the error. My heart sink… to the bottom of my damn stomach.

I texted her and apologized for the error and ensured her that she would be receiving a fresh batch on the house. Only one problem. She lived almost an hour and some change away and I dont have a whip! So now the only solution I can come up with at this point is shipping. Which I’m fine with I guess… Except I’ve never done it before, however I’ve been curious and anxious to do it for some time now (cold shipping).

Now is the time… Well tomorrow at least. Im going to go to the grocery store tomorrow and pick up some more berries and redip them the way she likes. Then I need to go get 2 ice packs and some insulated bubble wrap. I’ve been watching youtube for a while now on this and I think I may have the method down pack now… I just hope they arrive safely to her without any issues. Already taking a loss with having to ship this for a mistake on my part… But also a blessing in disguise if this actually goes well. Because then I will be able to start shipping to my out of state family/friends/customers too!!

Here’s a photo of more berries I dipped tonight. Since it was a rush order, I didnt get a chance to take a pic of the final product because they were calling me letting me know they were out the door when I was still “plating” my berries.


Strawberries: Milk & White Chocolate, Almond Slices, Heath Toffee Bar, Vanilla Caramel Salted Cashews

But yea. I will write a post tomorrow and take pics of the shipping process. Wish me luck!!


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