Canopies, Hearts & Stones

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So Valentine’s Day is coming up… Everybody is going to feel some type of way about this day. Its either going to be exciting for them, miserable, bittersweet… Something. But for me. Its going to be lucrative!! Lol I hope… Nah be seriously. I love Valentine’s Day and all, but I definitely dont believe that should be the only day that you show someone that you care. That should be everyday. And at least once a month it should be shown in a dramatic romantic way… That’s just me.

But since everyone doesnt think that way… And they probably will only get romantic this one day out of the whooooollllleeeeee entire year, i thought i’d help the ladies and fellas out this year. No diss to the folks out there hustling their baskets and sweets, but I just wanted to do something more than that because I know I would want more than that. I want something that was carefully and strategically thought of and put together. Something that was made especially for me. And I’m sure there are others who feel the same way… Just me though.

So what I decided to do was put together a few date kits this Valentine’s Day… I have 2 so far that are almost complete and I would like to think of one more. I love to spoil my clients and give them options… So for this one… Its probably my fave…


This is a heart warmer massager. There’s a metal disk in the inside that you flick/flex and it will activate the liquid in the inside, turning it into warm, semi-hot gel and a great massage tool! I received these a few days ago! I cant wait to include these in my Therapeutic Sensual Massage Kit! Its going to be dope!


The kit will also include this beautiful canopy for my clients to hang from their ceiling over their bed! Ughhh… I just love canopies! They’re like rose petals and candles, they just make everything more romantic.

Also in my kit, it will include some massage oil and a few other things I think my clients will need to enjoy a nice romantic, sensual evening. I cant wait to start putting it together and advertising them! I’ll be sure to keep you all posted! Thanks for reading!


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