ReBranding… Myself & My Business

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Hey what’s up to whoever has been and still is reading!! Happy New Year! So I have so many things to catch you up on… But I don’t know if we gonna get to that tonight though lol.

Ok, so I’m back in the Tampa Bay area now. Things are going great so far. Been back since July… I was in Lee County for about a year and a half… After my dad passed away last year in February, me and my bro got into a bad accident in May and it just pushed me back a little. But I’m back at getting myself and my business together again!

So I started this business called Edible Romance about 2 years ago…

Edible Romance Logo jpeg

I started it because a few years prior, I wrote and published a book called CATER – The Manual. It was a self help book as well as a book filled with romantic tips, gourmet recipes, erotic short stories and more! So yea… I used to always advertise on instagram how women (and men) could do different romantic things for their spouse for the cost of nothing… All you need is a little effort and creativity! So anyway, I thought it would be dope to not only show demonstrations of date set ups, but to also create date kits for people who just didn’t want to go through the trouble of setting up something.

I love romance. Everything about it. From the way rose petals look and feel. To the glistening flames from candles lit in a dimly lit room. I love the expressions of people’s faces when they get surprised with a romantic evening. It just makes me feel good.

So yea… I’ve been doing my thing with this for a while now. Even before Edible Romance. I had another company called A Touch of Love. But the name has changed, but the theme remains the same. Creating special memories…

So wanted to share with you all what I’ve kinda been up to… Cool? Coo.


So I’ve been pretty busy! I don’t know… Something in me within these past 2 months has been inspired, motivated and hungry!! I don’t want to settle… I want to live. Through my passion! Which is cooking, romance and catering to others! It just brings me so much joy.


Well I guess that’s all for this post. Catch you on the next one!



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