Getting Things Back in Order… kinda

Currently Listening to: “Still Coming Out Strong” by The Weeknd & Future

Can’t front, didn’t expect to feel the way I do… Or did at least. Which is feel like I’m taking so many step forward just to keep getting knocked back down on my ass again. I just felt like crap for this past month but im slowly getting back to my old self which is focusing on my business and creating dates.
Have I spoken about my business, Edible Romance?

(I’ll post more info about it in another post or you can check me out by clicking here.)
In the meanfime, I’ve been eating like a fat ass this past month. My job has these donuts… They only come like 2 times a year. And they go fast. So I gotta have my daily serving… I just have to. Its so good. Every. Single. Time. And now they introduced the soft delicious Brookie too??!! Shiiiiit…. Let me just get March over with and I’ll try again in April. Kay? Kay.
So yea, although I haven’t been productive weight loss wise, I HAVE been vlogging and posting videos on YouTube. So if you happen to be bored at work one day and want to check out some of my cooking skills and family vlogs, be sure to check me out and please subscribe at:

Going to try to be more consistent with this. Just sucks when you have so many passions and dreams but doing all the “paperwork” via phone and library computer sessions. But i enjoy it and it keeps me from really really being ratchet out chea in these streets.

But yea… See ya next time!

This is my nephew by the way


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