Allow me to reintroduce myself…

Currently listening to: “Eternal Sunshine” by Jhene Aiko

Hey there!! Whoever is reading… Anybody? Probaby not… I almost forgot I even had a blog… What has it been like… 2, 3 years now? Man… Where do I begin. Atlanta? My weight loss success/fail story? I dont know… Definitely too much to catch you all up in one post, however i guess you’re wondering if my fat ass ever lost the weight? Well… You tell me…

Sorry, had to upload screenshots from my Instagram account. But yea!! Ya girl shed that weight off!! (The right photo was taken May 2015.)

Almost too much weight lost if you ask me… The right pic was a little too small for my comfort. I looked kinda sick lol

So I’ve been gaining a little cushion back… I would’ve been fine with this size and was in depression so I kept eating… Kept eating… Just kept eating… Eating.. Eating… This was taken some time in spring of 2016.

This is me currently. I’ve gotten kinda big again, especially around the waist; so I’ve been wearing my Keyshia Kaoir waist eraser. It really works! (This was taken yesterday after my dads funeral 😢 )

Since I’ve left Atlanta and came back to Florida, I’ve started to gain.. an ass! It ain’t a ba-dunk-ka-donk *spellcheck* but I’m thankful! Ain’t nothing like going into survival mode then coming back home to stuff your face with some good ol’ down south home cooking… And Lord knows I love to cook but I definitely loves to eat! Mmm!!
In my next post, I’ll share with you guys some of my Atlanta experiences as well my exercise/eating regimen that helped me lose the weight.
Until next time, please be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel I’ll be posting more cooking videos as well as DIY romantic dates, vlogging and more! Hope to see you on the Tube later!

Bye bye for now!! (I’ll explain this outfit in another post ❤)


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