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Good Morning!!

I know its been a while since I last posted. You’re probably wondering if I’m still continuing my weight loss journey right? Right??? Probably not wondering at all. Oh well.

I stopped my weight loss journey months ago but somehow I have managed to get a little smaller. Maybe its because I… Never mind. That’s not important.

I’m writing today for different reasons… I’m moving to Atlanta in 3 days!!!!! I am super-excited but also a little overwhelmed. I have so much shit to pack man… smh. Just started packing yesterday, my goal is to have everything packed by Friday so I can chill and pamper myself. Let’s see how that goes!!

Also, I have a new YouTube Cooking channel:

My cooking show is called Food Porn with Chef Love. Please be sure to subscribe, rate and comment! There’s delicious cooking tutorials for some of my favorite personal recipes as well as a few laughs and romantic tips as well. I hope you all enjoy.

See ya in Atlanta!!


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