Booty Lifter Review…

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So I finally received my booty lifter in the mail on Tuesday from Here is my opinion. First of all, its too damn small and too damn tight. Don’t say you’re sending me a damn 3X when the shit is really a Large. Like really. It took me FOREVER to get into the damn shorts. They were so damn tight around my thighs that it started cutting off my blood circulation. The material ripped in the thong area which is absolutely ridiculous considering I just bought this item. Smh… Never wasting my money or time with this company ever again.


So this is the package it came in… They sent me two different sizes. Of course I tried the 2X/3X…Image


This is what the booty lifter looks like out of the box…



So this is the image that they display on their website… It gives you the illusion that your butt is going to be lifted and rounded.



WRONG!!! Here’s are my results…


Ok so there is definitely a difference, but not a dramatic one like I was hoping for, like how their photo falsely indicated. My shit is supposed to be lifted, not an extra “crease” at the bottom of the booty cheeks, sheeeeiiit… I already had that anyway. The girl in that photo probably already had a bubble butt. This shit wont work for someone such as myself, that has nothing to start off with from the get go. Smh…


Here’s another photo I took with it on. You can clearly see the indentations from how tight the material is. Especially around my upper/mid thigh where its cutting off my damn circulation. I would never be able to wear this underneath something outside in public, the areas that are supposed to be invisible are so visible.

I tried it on for my boyfriend Tuesday night. He wasn’t all that impressed either with it. Even though he says he is fine with just the way I am, he is still somewhat supportive of my weight loss journey. He said that if anything, it looked like it was going to make my thighs smaller to give the appearance of a bigger ass. Which is true and goes the same for having a smaller waist, it will “automagically” make it seem like your other body parts are a little bit larger and stick out a little further. So we will see… I tried to workout with it on and almost ripped my asshole so that wont be happening again. So back to the leg press, squats & lunges I go… Yay!!  -_____-

So tell me folks… Am I just trippin; or do you see something that I don’t? Let me know…


Next gadget to order: Waist Cincher.







  1. Hi I would like to send you a waist Cincher or a vest. I have many customers and they love my products. I waist trained Yandy Smith she went from a small to xs. Check out my website in the waist cincher section.

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